It not only involves talent in solving a person or a family’s functional living requirements, but it also must combine individual tastes and desires into a harmonic and esthetic surrounding. Essential elements like water, electricity, heating, air conditioning, and lighting must be perfectly designed to meet the client’s vision and must blend into a living space in a most unobtrusive way.

Alongside those essential functions, the designer must be able to use various styles including classical, retro, contemporary, minimalist or eclectic trends. But most of all it is the task of the designer to create a coherent space that preserves the unique visualization of his client’s dream. Whether it is a particular style, a certain color, a mixture of textures or a subtle ambiance that is felt throughout the entire space.

Corinne Hecht Amsellem, DPLG architect and a graduate of the School of Architecture Paris la Seine (up9) in 1994, specializes in the creation of living space.

Her studio of 20 years has helped realize a great number of projects: from provincial-style houses in Tel Mond, to high-end luxury Villas in Ra’anana; from lavish penthouses to chic and functional apartments.

Corinne Hecht Amsellem is open to the most diverse of ideas. Her experience and know-how, combined with great sensitivity to her client’s specific needs, helps turn all her projects into an enriching and satisfying journey.

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